LeBron James Tears It Up in the Philippines (Video)

Team USA

Nike sent some delegates from their Nike Rise program over to the Philippines for one of the increasingly common goodwill tours, and though LeBron James wasn’t expected to play, he did anyway, tearing it up with monster dunk after monster dunk.

Showing that he’s been working on more than just his acting chops this summer, LeBron busted out some whirlwind dunks that looked like they would take home perfect 10s in any contest, never mind how impressive they are in regulation play—even against the younger players in the Nike Rise program.

Here are a few highlights:

I think this is a pretty good omen for next year. After another deep playoff run, some may have wondered whether fatigue might set in for LeBron over the coming years, but it looks like he’s actually gotten some rest. It might not get him through another long season, but he’ll come out of the gate running.

Hat Tip – [CBS Sports]

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