Richard Sherman Sticks Up For Tom Brady In Legal Battle Against NFL Over Deflategate Suspension

richard sherman sticks up for tom brady deflategate suspension

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman likes to talk trash to opponents before, during, and after games. And that definitely applies to Tom Brady, with whom Sherman has a history of antagonism.

However, Sherman is a smart guy, and he doesn’t let the interpersonal rivalries he creates on the gridiron obfuscate his view of the bigger picture. And when it comes to the relationship between players and the NFL, Sherman—a vocal supporter of the NFL Players Association—always takes the side of players.

It should therefore come as no surprise that Richard Sherman stuck up for Tom Brady in an interview with USA Today as Brady battles the NFL over his four-game Deflategate suspension. Even if they have had their issues.

“You’re fining players more than you’re fining organizations? That should bring up some red flags. But nobody’s talking about that.”

Of course, as you may realize, technically the league did not fine Brady more than the team. The New England Patriots were fined a record $1,000,000 for allegedly deflating footballs in the AFC Championship Game, while Tom Brady was suspended four games.

However, Sherman points out that when you suspend players without pay, you are effectively fining them. And in this case, four games for Tom Brady works out to a loss of $2,000,000, or twice what billionaire team owner Robert Kraft will pay.

“People are just so focused on, ‘Oh, that’s a huge fine for the organization,'” Sherman told USA Today. “It’s not. A million dollars is peanuts to the Patriots, who will make [a hundred] million dollars this year. Brady…you take away four game checks, and you’re doing this to the organization.”

Sherman isn’t saying Brady should get off scott-free if he did deflate footballs. He’s just saying the punishments are ridiculous.

“It wasn’t just him,” Sherman rightly pointed out. “There’s no way nobody else knows about it. So, he shouldn’t be punished so severely.”

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