Skip Bayless Deflategate Rant: “Goodell Framed the Wrong Superstar” (Video)

skip bayless deflategate rant

You’re never going to believe this, internet, but Skip Bayless got on TV yesterday and said something controversial in defense of Tom Brady!

Skip and Stephen A. Smith got together on First Take to have a nice sensible discussion about the Deflategate court hearing on Thursday. But it didn’t take long for the usually calm and dispassionate Skip Bayless to start dropping his truth bombs.

First came this bit about Roger Goodell picking on “Psycho Tom”:

“It’s all on 12! It’s his reputation and he’s starting to fight back to get it back, because Roger Goodell picked on the wrong superstar. He didn’t get ‘aw shucks’ Tom Brady that I think he thought he was going to get. He got psycho Tom right between the eyes! You know it and I know it.”

Then, a few minutes later, it got really good:

“He really cares that this commissioner chose him to be the fall guy for Spygate-slash-Deflategate. Not Kraft, not Belichick, not the Patriots organization, but Tom Brady. I think, I told you from the star, he was framed for this. He was railroaded by the commissioner into becoming the fall guy for this, and he resents it so deeply—what did I tell you from the start? In Tom Brady’s view, this is all about getting the commissioner. Maybe even taking him down, costing him his job.”

Brady was framed! Now Psycho Tom’s out to take the commissioner down!

You gotta love it.

Here’s the entire 20-minute segment if you want to see it all unfold for yourself. The first Bayless quote starts around the 9:20 mark. The second one starts around 14:01.

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