Western Michigan Football Gives Walk-On a “Surprise Onside Scholarship” During Training Camp (Video)

western michigan football surprise onside scholarship onside kick

Every year now we do several posts about college football teams surprising walk-on players with scholarships. And every single time it’s awesome. There’s just nothing more heartwarming than seeing a guy who plays for the love of the game get rewarded for his hard work and dedication with a free education.

The one we have for you today is especially awesome. It comes to us from the Western Michigan Broncos. Here’s their description:

“Walkon Trevor Sweeney was surprised with a scholarship during practice in training camp. Sweeney is a special teams standout that plays with ELITE passion at every opportunity. His heartwork, dedication, and sacrifice for the program was recognized with a full ride scholarship with Bronco Football.”

That’s some high praise for Trevor Sweeney. However, what the description does not say is that they taped his scholarship letter to a football, then ran an onside kick play designed specifically so that Sweeney would catch the ball.

It worked perfectly, too. Sweeney caught the ball, discovered the letter, and was then swarmed by his teammates and lifted up onto their shoulders.

Check out the first ever “surprise onside scholarship”:

Something in your eye, huh?

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