This 4 Year-Old Has a Pretty Sweet Bat Flip Going On (Video)

bat flip

It’s hard to tell what’s more impressive: this kid’s super hard-hit wiffle ball home run or the bat flip that he pulls off at the end. I’m thinking it’s the dinger, if only because you could teach most any kid to toss a bat, Puig-style, but you can’t really teach a kid how to hit like a 25 year-old MLB slugger.

Take a look at the clip.  This kid just CLOCKS a home run. Then, after some light prompting, he milks the play for all it’s worth, pointing to the imaginary stands and really just enjoying the moment:

Judging by the voices on the video, how many adults are watching this kid play whiffle ball? I think I hear at least three. Seems like kind of a high number.

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