Adrian Peterson Says He’s The LeBron James of the NFL (Video)

Adrian Peterson - LeBron James of NFL

At the beginning of the month, Jamaal Charles told reporters, “I feel like I’m the LeBron of football, because I can do so much.”

Charles is certainly one of the best running backs in the game right now, but there are at least a few players in the league who would likely dispute this claim from the Chiefs Pro Bowler.

One of those players is Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson.  AP was forced to sit out the entire 2014 season while serving a suspension for whipping his child with a switch, but not even a one-year hiatus and a 30th birthday celebration have been enough to deliver a blow to Peterson’s confidence, as the Vikings RB had this to say from the sideline during his team’s preseason game in Oakland on Saturday:

Why does everyone want to be LeBron?  Doesn’t anyone want to “be like Mike” anymore?

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