Cris Carter’s Brilliant Advice to NFL Rookies About Avoiding Legal Trouble: “Have a Fall Guy”

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NFL players of all ages have a tendency to get into legal trouble. However, rookies are particularly prone to making poor life choices, given their high ratio of wealth to common sense. So it’s not hard to see why the NFL would sit these kids down and talk to them about making smart choices.

Unfortunately, the “don’t do illegal sh*t” talk at last year’s rookie symposium wasn’t so great. One of the guys giving the talk wound up getting arrested for prostitution and domestic battery and getting fired by the NFL Network within the next nine months. The other one told the rookies to make sure they have a “fall guy” on their crew to help cover up their criminal activities.

Classy, right?

In an interview with ESPN the Magazine for their August 31 NFL preview issue, the recently retired Chris Borland mentioned that, at the 2014 NFC Rookie Symposium, a Hall of Fame football player actually told everyone in attendance, “get yourself a fall guy.”

Borland didn’t say who that Hall of Famer was because he figured it would reflect poorly on that person and he didn’t want to throw anyone under the bus. However, the internet figured out who it was pretty much immediately…because the NFL actually had a video of that session from the 2014 NFC Rookie Symposium on their own website.

The first guy—the one arrested twice and fired from the NFL Network—was Hall of Fame defensive tackle Warren Sapp.

The second guy—the one who told everybody to get a fall guy—was Hall of Fame wide receiver Cris Carter.

Take a look:

There’s a pretty good chance that video will vanish from YouTube in the coming days, seeing as how it makes the NFL look really, really bad. So for posterity’s sake, here are the highlights of Cris Carter’s legal advice:

“In case y’all not going to decide to do the right thing, if y’all got a crew, you’ve got to have a fall guy in the crew. […] I let my homeboys know, y’all want to keep rolling like this, then I need to know who gonna be the fall guy, who’s going to be driving. Y’all not going to all do the right stuff now. So I’ve got to teach you how to get around all this stuff, too. If you’re going to have a crew, one of them fools got to know he going to jail. We’ll get him out. […] I know none of y’all going to never drink late, I know none of y’all going to never use no drugs or anything, all of y’all going to go to bible study. I realize that – but still get you a fall guy. If you’re going to have a crew, make sure they understand, can’t nothing happen to you. Your name can’t be in lights, under no circumstances. You all understand that?”

On Sunday, Cris Carter got on Twitter and apologized for his incredibly stupid advice:

Meanwhile, the NFL issued a statement:

“This was an unfortunate and inappropriate comment made by Cris Carter during the 2014 NFC rookie symposium. The comment was not representative of the message of the symposium or any other league program. The league’s player engagement staff immediately expressed concern about the comment to Cris. The comment was not repeated in the 2014 AFC session or this year’s symposium.”

But of course, if the NFL really thought this was that bad, why was the video up on their website for an entire year?

I’ll go ahead and answer that rhetorical question: because the NFL is drunk on its own economic success and cultural hegemony, and completely out of touch with reality.

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