American Distance Runner Celebrates in Home Stretch, Gets Overtaken (Video)

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There’s a couple things about this that bug me more than the usual “celebrates too early, then loses” story. Ok. So really there’s just one. But we’ll get to it in a second.

First, the background. During the 10,000 meters competition at the World Athletic Championships in Beijing, distance runner Molly Huddle celebrated about five meters too early and was overtaken by Emily Infeld.

These things happen. They’re dumb, but they happen. However, when they happen, the early celebrant isn’t celebrating THIRD PLACE.

Yup, Molly was lifting her arms in the air to let the world know she was pretty stoked about that bronze medal. Oh well. Now she gets whatever fourth place finishers receive.

Here’s the clip:

Oh, man. Not great. Needless to say, Huddle was pretty devastated. As she should be. Act like you’ve been there before, Molly.

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