Frankie Perez Retirement: 26-Year-Old Wins First UFC Fight, Announces Retirement Immediately Afterward (Videos)

frankie perez retirement

On Sunday night, Frankie Perez did to the world of MMA what Chris Borland did to the world of football.

Just moments after earning a tremendous 55-second knockout win over Sam Stout at UFC Fight Night 74, Perez turned around and announced his retirement from the sport.

The post-fight interview started out like any other.

“Any kids out there that have dreams, stay true to your dreams,” Perez said. “I just fought one of my favorite fighters of all time. Dreams do come true. He brought the best out of me.”

From there, the interview took a turn for the unexpected.

“I train with the best team on the planet. I have the utmost confidence to beat anybody in this division. [But] me being 26, this is my first win in the UFC and my last. I’m done after this. I’ve brought my dreams to come true and I’m on to the next chapter in my life. I’m done putting my family and my body through all this.”

The bit about putting his family and his body through this seems to suggest Perez retired out of concern for his longterm health. However, we’ll have to wait to find out whether that is in fact the case. He didn’t shed much light on his decision in his other post-fight interviews.

One thing is for certain, though. The guy did go out on top. Take a look at his last and greatest moment in MMA:

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