IndyCar Driver Justin Wilson in Coma After Being Hit in Head by Debris (Video)

justin wilson coma debris pocono crash

IndyCar Driver Justin Wilson was airlifted out of Pocono Raceway in critical condition on Sunday after getting hit in the head by flying debris. He is now in a coma at Cedar Crest Hospital in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Wilson was struck in the head by what appeared to be the nose of Sage Karam‘s car after Karam lost control going around a turn and spun into the wall. Wilson was trying to go high around the wreck, but a piece of bouncing debris hit him right on the head and flew thirty feet up into the air. Wilson’s car then veered left into the inside wall.

Take a look:

As soon as his car stopped Wilson was surrounded by medical personnel who loaded him into a helicopter.

Justin Wilson’s wife, Julia Wilson, was flown to Pennsylvania from their home in Colorado by IndyCar. Meanwhile, NASCAR’s Tony Stewart (who knows a thing or two about tragedy) stepped up and lent his personal plane to Wilson’s brother, Stefan Wilson, so he could get to Allentown from Indianapolis.

At this point Wilson’s exact condition is unknown. And while his brother asked that people not speculate, there’s no way around the fact that this is a life-threatening situation.

Unfortunately, this terrible injury couldn’t have befallen a nicer guy. Though not exactly a superstar, Justin Wilson is by all accounts one of the most well-liked guys in IndyCar.

Not surprisingly, his health is all that most of the guys are thinking about right now.

If you’re the praying type, you might want to send a few on over to Justin Wilson and his family in Pennsylvania. They sure could use them.

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