Jarryd Hayne Was Ridiculously Good for the 49ers in His Second Ever Football Game (Videos)

jarryd hayne 27-yard punt return

The biggest story after the first round of NFL preseason games last week was Jarryd Hayne, the former rugby player the San Francisco 49ers hoped could make the transition to football. In his first ever football game, the Aussie rushed for 63 yards on five carries, returned one kickoff for 33 yards, and returned two punts for 24 yards. So you know, he was pretty good.

But his second ever football game probably didn’t go as well, right? Hayne probably came back down to earth, and the guys who have been playing gridiron football for over a decade shut him down?

Wrong. If anything, Jarryd Hayne was more impressive in week two of the preseason.

Don’t believe it? Take a look at this incredible over-the-shoulder catch on a punt, which Hayne then turned around and ran back 27 yards:

And watch him juke and truck the Cowboys out of their jock straps on this 23-yard punt return:

In the end, Hayne finished with 54 yards rushing on eight carries, plus 84 yards on three punt returns. That works out to 6.75 yards per rush and 28 yards per punt return, both of which would absolutely smoke the rates of the top running backs and punt returners in the NFL in 2014.

Now, we are talking about the preseason here. So let’s not get to excited and start talking about Hayne breaking a bunch of NFL records.

But can this guy who has never played football before actually find himself on an NFL roster in a couple of weeks? Absolutely.

Hat Tip – [Shutdown Corner]

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