Crazy Punt Return Touchdown From Hawaiian High School Football Game Features Too Many Fumbles to Count (Video)

crazy punt return hawaiian high school football game

Sometimes in football, plays just don’t go the way the coach draws them up. The crazy punt return you’re about to see is definitely one of those plays.

It comes to us from a high school football game in Hawaii between Kahuku and Kaiser this past Friday.

Kaiser punts the ball from deep in their own territory, it bounces once, and then is fielded by a kid named Stokes Botelho. Obviously, he starts running it back, and it looks like a petty normal play at first. But then Botelho has the ball stripped at about the 50-yard line. And that’s when things get crazy.

After Botelho fumbles, the ball bounces around like a pinball in the middle of a big group of players for about 10 seconds before it somehow (miraculously) finds its way back into the hands of Botelho…who then runs it all the way back for a touchdown.

Take a look:

Kahuku’s coach would probably rather see his special teams unit not fumble the ball three times before scoring a touchdown. But touchdowns are touchdowns. And at least his players didn’t tackle each other.

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