Some Might Call This Curt Schilling Tweet Comparing Muslims to Nazis “Ill-Advised” (Pic)

curt schilling tweet

Oh, Curt Schilling. So good at baseball, so bad at knowing what not to say.

Back in April, during an ESPN broadcast of a Cubs-Cardinals game, Schilling decided to discuss his sex life with millions of baseball fans watching at home, claiming he was “not pleasureable, but consistent.” But at least that was on live TV, and you can excuse a guy for getting a little carried away on live TV. After all, it’s not like there’s a send button.

Of course, there is a send button on Twitter. But that didn’t stop Schilling from saying something stupid there on Tuesday morning.

Just take a look at this gem comparing Muslims to Nazis:

curt schilling tweet
Now, in Curt’s defense, he didn’t say all Muslims are like Nazis. He said Muslim extremists are like Nazis. However, in my experience, Twitter is not really the best forum for discussions of religion and genocide. And it’s really just best to play it safe and not compare anybody to Nazis.

The good news is that Curt did realize this and delete the tweet. The bad news, obviously, is that he was way too late.

The lesson? Stick to baseball, Curt.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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