DirecTV Gives Us Petite Randy Moss, and He’s Awesome (Video)

Randy Moss

DirecTV got into some trouble with its Rob Lowe commercials a while back, making claims that the FCC felt weren’t supported. So those ads had to be pulled. But it’s nice to see the company, which just recently was approved to merge with AT&T, hasn’t abandoned the idea of weird versions of celebrities.

Next up: Randy Moss and petite Randy Moss. Petite Randy Moss has cable. And legs that are too short to reach the table.

Take a look at the new ad here:

This one has a football focus, which stands to reason, given that it’s late August and Randy Moss is pretty much a football guy. DirecTV might need to ramp up their advertising to maintain market share now that you’ll be able to get Sunday Ticket on other streaming devices, too.


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