Drake and Serena Share a Smile During Her Warmups (Video)

Drake and Serena

After yesterday’s photos surfaced, it was pretty clear that Drake and Serena Williams are kind of enjoying a little romance with each other. Again. Yesterday, they were making out at a restaurant, and now he’s been filmed on the court for her warmups, that same weekend, flashing that big goofy Drake smile that everyone loves.

Here it is:

How can you NOT like this? I’m sure they have both dated really hot and famous people, and have every reason to be jaded, but this makes it look like they’re having some fun. I hope they can survive the media storm that will lead up to the U.S. Open. I’m guessing they’ll be under the microscope for that one.

Or maybe not. I’m sure NYC is an easier city to be anonymous in than Cincinnati.

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