Check Out These Stoner NFL Logos…Or Don’t, Whatever (Gallery)

Have you ever found yourself watching a football game and wondered what all the logos would look like if they were designed by a stoner? If so, you probably are a stoner. In which case you probably lack the motivation to actually redesign all 32 NFL logos.

However, there is at least one stoner out there with enough motivation and design skillz to take on such a project. And that stoner works for Kissing Suzy Kolber.

For most of the stoner NFL logos they just added joints or bongs or pot leafs to the actual logo, and made any animals or people look more chill. So you know, nothing too creative.

However, there are a few really good ones, my personal favorite being the Chiefs logo. They basically narrowed the traditional arrowhead so it just looks like a big fat blunt.

Of course, if I were a stoner, there’s probably no place on earth I’d rather live than Kansas City. I mean, have you ever had their barbecue?

But I digress. Let’s just look at the stoner NFL logos, shall we?