This Trick Shot Parody Is Perfectly Spot-On (Video)

tick shot parody

There are no shortage of trick shot videos out there, and they all seem to share a common style about them. They’re all a little “bro,” and the indoor ones all seem to take place in houses that seem just a little too nice for the guys in the video.

Someone picked up on the genetics of trick shot videos, and made a pretty good trick shot parody, focusing on basketball. Here’s the video. See if it could have fooled you:

The whole thing is pretty impressive. AND it’s got a surprise ending. It’s perfect. That’s not to say we don’t like the regular trick shot videos – we do. But they could stand to use a little more variety.

The fan and the ninja with the sword was perhaps my favorite unique touch that these guys gave the video.

Now let’s see another one.

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