Will Ferrell Discusses His Arsenal of Pitches for His HBO Show (Video)

Will Ferrell

Will Ferrell spent this spring going around, invading spring training fields for an upcoming HBO special called Ferrell Takes the Field. The film airs on HBO September 12, so HBO is getting its PR machine going, and in this clip, Will Ferrell discusses how he differs from other pitchers.

Whereas most pitchers have three or four pitches at their disposal, Will Ferrell has 63. Yup. According to him.

Here’s the man talking about it:

Yikes. I would hate to step into the batter’s box against him. He’d toss me three catfishes, then brush me back with a six-seam slider.

And don’t even get me started on the “slurge.” Will Ferrell’s right. I couldn’t help but swing at that. No question.

I’m starting to think that this little documentary/gimmick that he did will actually be pretty awesome.


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