Andrew McCutchen Dugout Dance Keeps Pirates Loose Before Game (Videos)

andrew mccutchen dugout dance entertains teammates

It’s good to be a Pirate these days. After 20 straight seasons with a losing record, and, consequently, 20 straight seasons without a postseason berth, the Buccos currently own the third-best record in baseball, are hot on the trail of the Central Division-leading Cardinals, and are all but guaranteed to reach the postseason for the third consecutive year. And all this despite the fact that they lost Russell Martin, one of their best players, to free agency prior to the season.

So like I said, life is good these days in the Pirates dugout. In fact, it’s so good that superstar center fielder Andrew McCutchen is entertaining his teammates on a nightly basis with a pre-game dance party.

On Monday night in Miami it looked like this:

And on Tuesday night it looked like this:

If you’re planning to watch the Pirates-Marlins game tonight—and you should, because the Pirates are really fun to watch—make sure you tune in about 10 minutes early. You don’t want to miss the Andrew McCutchen dugout dance.

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