Expletive-Laden JJ Watt Speech Highlights This Week’s Episode of “Hard Knocks” (Videos)

jj watt speech hard knocks

When HBO announced that the Houston Texans would be the subject of “Hard Knocks” this year, everyone knew that really meant JJ Watt would be the subject of “Hard Knocks” this year. After all, Watt isn’t just one of the two or three most dominant players in the NFL. He’s also one of it’s most entertaining personalities.

So far, so good. Brian Cushing may have stolen the show with his frat bro shtick last week. But this week’s episode was all JJ Watt.

First there was this expletive-laden JJ Watt speech that will make you want to bite the head off a small animal:

Then we got to see JJ Watt dominate on the field. In one sequence, we see the guy terrorize the Texans offense on three straight plays:

In another sequence, we hear coach Bill O’Brien howl that he wants Watt to get in there on a goal-line play. So Watt goes in and—right on cue—forces a fumble:

The Texans will probably be a mediocre football team this year, but it sure has been fun watching them in training camp. If “Hard Knocks” covered them again next year, I wouldn’t complain.

Hat Tip – [Bro Bible]

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