Watch Hot Female Angler Darcie Arahill Land an Eight-Foot Bull Shark (Videos + Pics)

hot female angler darcie arahill lands bull shark

Who wants to watch a video of a hot female angler in a bikini reel in a huge shark?

You do? Well then meet Darcie Arahill. During the week she is an office manager and book keeper. On the weekend she is Darcizzle, the hot female angler with over 13,000 YouTube subscribers and over 48,000 people following her Instagram.

You wouldn’t think somebody with 48,000 Instagram followers, a host of corporate sponsors, and her own calendar would need a day job. But I guess she wants to keep her options open, which is smart.

Anyway, what was I saying? Oh right. Huge shark. You see, Darcizzle has a lot of videos on her YouTube channel. However, the one that’s gaining momentum on the interwebs right now shows her battling, landing, and eventually releasing a massive bull shark. While looking hot in a bikini.

Take a look:

I’ve been fishing hundreds of times in my life, but I don’t ever remember seeing hot chicks in bikinis. Obviously I’ve been doing it wrong.

In any case, here are some samples from Darcie’s Instagram feed:

A photo posted by Darcie Arahill (@_darcizzle_) on

A photo posted by Darcie Arahill (@_darcizzle_) on

A photo posted by Darcie Arahill (@_darcizzle_) on

A photo posted by Darcie Arahill (@_darcizzle_) on

Good luck trying to convince your wife you only follow Darcizzle for the fishing tips.

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