Jordan Spieth and Steph Curry Star in a New Under Armour Ad (Video)

Spieth Curry Under Armour Ad

Under Armour has done very well picking its spokespeople the last few years, and they are churning out ads to constantly remind you of that.

This time around, they got the most popular golfer and the most popular basketball player together. As if that wasn’t enough, they cloned them thousands of times to really drive the point home. The whole Under Armour ad is underscored with ballet and some fancy music.

Oh, and there’s something about practicing and training in there as well. Take a look:

It’s called “Rule Yourself,” which I think has something to do with the clone angle, but I’m not really sure. I think the message is incidental. What they really wanna do is just drive home that they have Steph Curry and Jordan Spieth as spokespeople, and no one else does.

It’s a pretty sound strategy, actually.

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