“LexTwerkOut” Is Probably the Greatest Fitness Routine Ever Devised (Videos)


Looking for a new fitness routine that combines your love of EDM with your passion for twerking? Well look no more, because I’ve got good news for you. Such a routine actually exists. It’s called “LexTwerkOut,” and it’s probably the greatest series of YouTube fitness videos ever devised.

The genius behind LexTwerkOut is a young woman who calls herself Lexy Panterra. Here’s how Lexy describes her program:

LexTwerkOut is about providing an exclusive, modern, sexy, fun workout that’s just as efficient as traditional cardio and squatting. LexTwerkOut is designed to not only help you reach the physical results you’ve been hoping for, but also gives you a boost of confidence where you may end up redefining the word “sexy.” LexTwerkout is all about comfort and having a good time, when you come and work out with me you will feel as if you were home dancing with your girls!

“Redefining the word ‘sexy?'” Sign me up!

Check it out:

That first video had over 9 million views in the last month. So don’t be the last of your friends to twerk your way to fitness. Subscribe to Lexy’s YouTube channel today!

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