Mosley-Mayorga Press Conference Turns Violent After Mayorga Slaps Mosley’s Girlfriend’s Butt (Video)

mosley-mayorga press conference butt slap

No one is really looking forward to this weekend’s Shane MosleyRicardo Mayorga fight. Mayorga is 41 and well past his prime. Mosley, once the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world, is now 43 years old and coming out of his second retirement. If any bout is in need of a little pre-fight press conference fireworks, it’s this one.

So that’s what they gave us on Tuesday—an almost certainly staged pre-fight scuffle.

It all started when Mayorga slapped the butt of Mosley’s hot girlfriend after she bent over right in front of him…twice. Mosley immediately went for Mayorga’s throat. Then his girlfriend threw something at him and called him a “godd*mn idiot.”

After everything settled down a bit, everybody sat down and gave post-brawl interviews to TMZ. Mosley’s girlfriend said Mosley “should have killed him,” and that she’d pay $10,000 to punch Mayorga in the face. Mayorga, when told about her offer, said he’d pay $25,000 to slap her butt again.

It was like a bad reality show. Take a look:

Hopefully the fight is more realistic than that.

Hat Tip – [TMZ]

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