Ronda Rousey-Travis Browne Scandal: UFC Superstar Rumored to Be Dating Married Man Accused of Domestic Violence

ronda rousey dating travis brown

Rumors have been circulating online for the last few weeks that UFC superstar Ronda Rousey is dating UFC heavyweight Travis Browne. And under normal circumstances, a rumor like that wouldn’t be news.

Unfortunately, the circumstances in this situation are not normal, because (a) Travis Browne is married and (b) back in July his wife accused him of domestic violence.

It’s unclear how the rumor first started. However, it really gained traction this week when some guy took a photo of his daughter at a Benihana that “inadvertently” caught Rousey and Browne having dinner together in the background.

Obviously, the man who took the photo posted it online, and it went viral.

Now, Browne left Team Jackson-Winkeljohn last fall and joined the Glendale Fight Club, which of course is where Ronda Rousey trains. So it’s certainly conceivable that the two are just friends.

However, in a string of Twitter posts earlier this week, Browne’s estranged wife, fitness model Jenna Renee, claimed that Rousey and Browne are most definitely in a relationship.

It’s important not to rush to judgement before all the facts are known. Last month UFC suspended Browne pending the results of their investigation into the domestic violence allegations made by his wife. However, Renee has said she will not be pressing criminal charges against Browne. The only evidence we have that he abused his wife are the photos she posted to Instagram, which she said were taken back in February.

If Browne did abuse his wife, and if Rousey is dating him, this is very bad news for Rousey. She has been an outspoken critic of convicted wife-beater Floyd Mayweather for several years and has built a brand around her trademarked slogan, “Don’t be a DNB“—which stands for “Do Nothing Bitch.”

Stay tuned.

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