Stefon Diggs Saves Cordarrelle Patterson from a Crotch Shot (GIF)

crotch shot

We hear a lot about the animosity between players, even teammates, during training camp. So it’s nice to see a video like this, where a teammate is looking out for another. Or, at least another player’s crotch. Which is really just an extension of the person.

Sure, it’s a pretty quick moment that would be easy to overlook, but there’s some real heroism taking place here. Diggs didn’t have to deflect that crotch shot. I mean, they’re both wide receivers. That puts them in competition with each other.

Here’s the ball-saving play. Nice hands on Diggs!

Magnificent. Get this man a medal. This completely makes up for all the bad stuff NFL players have done for the past 50 years. It’s a new era, with nary a crotch shot and no ruptured genitals!

Hat Tip – [Vikings Reddit]

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