Watch the (Somewhat) SFW Ronda ArouseMe Trailer (Video)

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It was only four weeks ago that the world first learned that a Ronda Rousey porn parody called Ronda ArouseMe was in the works. However, if you know anything about porn, you know they really don’t invest too much time in “writing scripts” and “perfecting lines.” They pretty much just sketch out a plot, set up the lights, roll the cameras, and go. So Ronda ArouseMe? Yeah, it’s done, and it drops today, August 27.

Not sure if this is something you are interested in watching? Well, there’s now a trailer. And it’s totally safe for work…if you work in a place that’s cool with you watching trailers for pornographic videos.

How do you watch the actual movie? That’s a good question! The film is brought to you by, but it’s unclear if you have to subscribe to their site, or just pay to download, or what.

I’m sure you’ll figure it out, though. In my experience, when it comes to accessing porn, people are pretty resourceful. (Just ask Josh Duggar, amiright?)

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