Smooth Middle Schooler Survives Sack Attempt, Throws TD (Video)

middle schooler

I’m not sure if Blountstown Middle School‘s team is on your radar (I don’t even know where Blountsown is), but you might want to keep your eye on their quarterback.

The middle schooler showed great athleticism and poise as he dodged a sure-thing sack, only to get up and fire a perfect bomb into the hands of a sprinting wide receiver. This team seems to be executing on a high school level.

Here’s the play. Remember these kids are probably like 12:


Wow. I wonder if that kid is really good naturally, or if he has one of those dads that drives him three miles away from school in the morning and makes him jog. I hope it’s the former, but either way, that’s one hell of a play, and I hope the kid feels pretty cool for pulling that one off.