Usain Bolt Wins 200m Race, Gets Leveled by Man on Segway (Video)

Usain Bolt segway

Usain Bolt has had a long road back since his dominance around 2012-2013. He’s had hamstring issues, doubters, increased competition from the field…but he appears to have gotten his act together to the point that he’s back in form.

He ran the fastest 200M of the year yesterday in Beijing at the World Athletics Championships, winning the race handily with his chest-pounding.  And then he…

…got run over by a wayward photographer on a Segway. It was as stupid as it sounds.

First the good part. The race:

Then the undignified Segway collision:

That looked like a really bad fall. I would be pissed if I was Usain Bolt. And if I was that cameraman, I would feel as dumb as he probably does right now.

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