There Are Enough ACL Injuries Now for An All-ACL NFL Team (Pic)

All-ACL NFL Team - Jordy Nelson
Every preseason, fans witness crucial players dropping like flies for the dumbest of reasons, and every year, the league does little to change the way things are going. This awesome graphic showing the All-ACL NFL team from Daily Snark is unlikely to change anyone’s mind, but it might raise awareness a little bit to let the fans know that football is an incredibly dangerous sport, and not just in an awesome way.

Here’s the rundown of players. They’re not all MVPs, but I’m sure their teams and fans want them back healthy nonetheless. Ladies and gents, the All-ACL NFL team:


Carolina, Buffalo, Dallas, and Washington are all very well-represented. Good for those teams!

Note that the offense is lacking a QB. That’s because they don red jerseys of invincibility during the preseason.

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