Dartmouth Has Started Using a Robotic Tackling Dummy (Video)


In case you thought being a nerdy Ivy League school meant that you couldn’t get a leg up in athletics, just wait until you see what Dartmouth football has up its sleeve. The school has developed a robotic, remote-controlled tackling dummy for drills. The headless device is said to provide real contact to the players, but with a diminished risk of head and neck injury.

Take a look at the video here, and enjoy the cheesy intro graphics and music:

The students created the “MVP” over two years, so the team better use those things. Otherwise, they’ll get lots of passive-aggressive treatment in their advanced robotics classes. Don’t all football players take advanced robotics classes?

It’s not clear if this is just a novelty Dartmouth is using to stand out, or if this is the real deal, but we’ll know for sure if another team is willing to jump on the robot tackling dummy bandwagon.

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