Latest Madden Glitch Appears to Show One Bears Player Felating Another Bears Player (Video)

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One of the best parts about getting the new Madden every year is finding all the bizarre glitches. This year we’ve already seen one Madden glitch in which an invisible receiver makes an interception. And last year there was the 14-inch linebacker.

Given all the free publicity these glitches generate for the game, one might even wonder whether they’re actually glitches at all. I mean, would it really surprise you if the engineers over at EA Sports just put weird stuff into the game just for fun?

Of course, if the glitches aren’t really glitches, then someone’s going to have some explaining to do about the latest one from Madden NFL 16. Because, um, well, I guess there’s really no way to put this gently, so I’ll just come out and say it: it looks like one Chicago Bears player is giving another Chicago Bears player a blow job.

That’s something, ain’t it?

FYI, I think whoever made this vine set it to Ginuwine. So don’t go looking for “My Pony” on the Madden NFL 16 soundtrack.

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