Mayweather Fires Another Shot Back at Rousey in Feud


When all else fails (and it always fails for Floyd Mayweather), he falls back on his money, because that’s one of the few assets he has as a person. So it should be no surprise that when Ronda Rousey poked him about how she was making more minute-for-minute, he would come back with a litany of…stuff.

Now Mayweather is calling her out, according to TMZ, saying that she’s not “Forbes material.” Ouch? They’re all rich. Let’s not argue about who the richest is, guys.

Mayweather said, in classic Money fashion, “Big bank take little bank. Let’s play and see how much money you got.” 

Ugh. This feud just took a very boring and tedious turn. Let’s impeach Mayweather on his overall rottenness as a person, and not on his financial situation, mmkay?

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