Check Out These Awesomely Ridiculous White Sox 1976 Throwback Jerseys (Pics)

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Just about every team in Major League Baseball has worn at least one throwback jersey at some point this year. However, none of them even come close to the awesomely ridiculous White Sox 1976 thowback jerseys worn on Thursday night at U.S. Cellular Field in Chicago.

In case you’re not familiar with MLB uniform history, the jerseys the South Siders wore from 1976 through 1981, with their giant faux disco collars, were some of the most garish ever worn. And on a few occasions in 1976, the Sox even wore shorts, which made them look like a beer league softball team.

Unfortunately, the Sox did not bring back the shorts on Thursday. But the jerseys were spot-on recreations of the 1976 originals. And because players these days wear looser fitting uniforms, the White Sox 1976 throwbacks—designed to be worn untucked—totally looked like pajamas.

Take a look:

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Amazing. Simply amazing.

Hat Tip – [Cut4, Uni-Watch]

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