Mosley vs Mayorga Was a Circus, With Crotch-Grab and KO (Videos)

Mosley vs Mayorga - crotch-grab

Most boxing fans were probably expecting the bout between Shane Mosley and Ricardo Mayorga to be more of a circus than a boxing fight following Tuesday’s pre-fight press conference. And on Saturday, those expectations were met.

First, there was some cocky crotch-grabbing from Mayorga at the end of the third round, as he let his hands down and began taunting Mosley in the center of the ring:

Mayorga seemed to be having fun, but according to several reports his wife was seen crying in the audience while watching her husband take a beating with several of their children by her side.

Luckily for Mayorga’s wife and everyone else who was forced to watch this abomination of a fight, Mosley was able to end it in the sixth round with a body blow that knocked Mayorga down for the ten-count:

This was the second time Mosley defeated Mayorga, both by knockout.

Let’s all hope that Mosley vs Mayorga doesn’t end up being a trilogy.  I think we’ve seen enough of these two already.

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