Cristiano Ronaldo Paid $20K for This Wax Statue of Himself (Pics)

wax statue

When you ‘re one of the most successful athletes in the world, you don’t need to rely on the admiration and praise of others – you can pay to have it manufactured on your own behalf.

Cristiano Ronaldo, for reasons only clear to himself and maybe the wax-making people, paid $20,000 to have a full-size wax statue made of himself. He’s demonstrated a fondness for the previous wax likeness of himself, as you can read about here. Apparently he wanted to up the ante a little bit more.

He had spotted a statue of himself at the Madrid’s Museum of Wax, and, instantly struck with the beauty of his waxy likeness, commissioned a British wax sculptor to re-make the statue for his own collection.

Here are the two pics available:



That’s the real Cristiano Ronaldo on the right, then on the far right there appears to be a video game henchman at the end of his workday.

The wax sculptor still had the old mold from when he made the statue for the museum, so the new work only required a new uniform and shoes for the $20,000. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal for the artist.

Hat Tip – [Telegraph]

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