Was Dean Ambrose Almost Stabbed by a Crazy Fan at WWE Smackdown? (Video)

wwe fan tries to attack dean ambrose 2

Here’s what we know for sure: at last week’s taping of WWE Smackdown in Providence, a crazy fan hopped over a barricade as WWE star Dean Ambrose walked by and tried to do something to him. However, that fan was intercepted by security, and the result was one of the most real bodyslams in WWE history.

Here’s what we don’t know: what that something was.

Judging by the video of the incident, said crazy fan didn’t appear particularly aggressive as he approached Ambrose. It looked to me like he was going to place a hand on the wrestler’s shoulder or something.

Take a look:

See? The fan really didn’t look that menacing.

However, according to somebody on Twitter, the guy was actually trying to stab Ambrose. And a lot of people on the internet took that claim seriously, because the person making it posted a photo that places her about 10 feet away from the incident.

So was Dean Ambrose almost stabbed? My hunch is probably not. But I’ve been wrong before.

Hat Tip – [Wrestle Zone]

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