This DeAndre Hopkins Catch Wasn’t a TD, Was Still Awesome (GIF)

DeAndre Hopkins
We might be wrapping up the frustrating tedium that is pre-season football, but don’t tell Houston’s DeAndre Hopkins, who left it all out in the end zone with this awesome catch. The play wasn’t ruled a TD, because although he did pull the ball in over the Saints’ Keenan Lewis, he switched hands before stumbling out of bounds, which means he failed to establish possession by the NFL rules.

Still, it’s a hell of a catch, though. By preseason standards, this was the David Tyree helmet catch:

You could argue that Lewis was interfering with the catch, but upon repeat viewings, it looks like Hopkins is just as culpable for pushing off (or up?) from the defensive back.

Anyway, considering the stakes of the game were pretty low to begin with, let’s ignore the whole “incomplete ruling” part and focus on the athleticism of the play.

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