Here’s How You Don’t Get Burned By Streak Routes in Madden 16 (Video)

Calvin Johnson Madden Streak Routes

If you play Madden regularly against a variety of opponents, you probably realize there are certain plays with certain players that can’t be stopped. And though the Lions’ Calvin Johnson didn’t get a 99 ranking in the game, he’s arguably the most dominant player in this year’s edition.

People use that fun fact to send him straight down the field to burn defenses on streak routes, then jump higher than anyone else to get the ball.  And it almost always works. Unless you watch this video from Daily Snark and learn how to stop it:

Oops. Never mind. There’s nothing you can do to stop that play, except maybe injure him. This is where the ambulance from Madden ’93 would come in handy.

In all seriousness, don’t be the guy that does this. It’s as bad as the wraparound goal in the early editions of EA’s NHLPA Hockey.

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