Rams Cheerleader Reunited with Military Husband Before Preseason Game (Video)

rams cheerleader reunited military husband

Emotional military reunions are always crowd-pleasers at sporting events. However, most of the time, they entail parents being reunited with their kids. And most of the time, the reunions don’t actually have anything to do with the game or the team.

None of that was the case on Sunday, though, when the St. Louis Rams mixed things up a bit by reuniting a Rams cheerleader with her husband.

The cheerleader in question was Candace Valentine. Prior to the Rams’ preseason loss to the Colts, the team played a video message from her husband, United States Marine Corps first lieutenant August Valentine. However, when Candace turned around, she saw her husband walking toward her and immediately dropped her pompoms.

Take a look:

Cute story, right? Well wait, it gets way better.

It turns out that Candace is not just a cheerleader. According to her Facebook and Twitter accounts, she, too, is (or at least was) an officer in the United States Marine Corps. And apparently a PhD candidate.

rams cheerleader reunited
rams cheerleader reunited marine husband candace valentine

Of course, you know what that makes the rest of us?

That’s right. Lazy.

Hat Tip – [SB Nation]

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