Some Cuban Ballplayer Has Been Camping Outside Dodger Stadium for Over Two Weeks in Hopes of Getting a Tryout (Video)

cuban baseball player loah linares camping outside dodger stadium

For the last three weeks, a guy named Loah Linares has been camping outside Dodger Stadium, living on the streets with nothing but a suitcase and a cooler.

Why? Because Loah Linares fashions himself a baseball player. And he’s hoping that his persistence will get him a tryout with the Dodgers.

“If I didn’t know how great a baseball player I know I am,” Linares told ABC 7 in Los Angeles, “I wouldn’t be here trying to show off my skills to somebody.”

Of course, one would have to think that, if Linares was any good at all, he would already be on somebody’s radar. And he’s not. Nobody anywhere has ever heard of him. So the chances of all this working out and becoming a Disney movie are infinitesimal.

However, there is a pretty decent chance that this is all just some sort of publicity stunt. I mean, people are already making little featurettes about him:

Of course, if Linares really wants to play Major League Baseball, he should probably set his sights a little lower than the $300 million Dodgers.

The Marlins would probably make him their starting third baseman tomorrow if Linares would agree to play for $150 a week and clean the clubhouse after games.

Hat Tip – [Hardball Talk]