Fantasy Football Loser Has to Walk Down the Streets of Minneapolis in the Buff (Pics)

fantasy football loser

There are a lot of people in sports who subscribe to the Ricky Bobby philosophy of competition, which of course holds that one who is not first is last. However, while thinking that way may prove advantageous in certain types of sports competitions, it’s not the right way to approach fantasy football.

Don’t get me wrong. You should want to win your fantasy football league. Winning—not enjoying the company of your friends—is the point of fantasy football. But these days, in most fantasy football leagues, the penalty for coming in dead last is much worse than the economic benefit of coming in first is good.

Case in point: this naked dude walking down the streets of Minneapolis with nothing but some cardboard with the words “fantasy football loser” written on it to protect his modesty:

fantasy football loser walk of shame 1

fantasy football loser walk of shame 2

Maybe you have a gut feeling that Sam Bradford will have a breakout year for the Philadelphia Eagles and could help you win your fantasy league. So go ahead, and take a risk. But keep in mind if you’re wrong, you could very well end up like this guy.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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