Snoop Dogg and Steve Nash Shooting Hoops for Some Reason! (Video)

snoop dogg and steve nash

We’re not sure why Snoop Dogg and Steve Nash were shooting hoops in a close-quarters gym with framed pictures on the ground, but we don’t really need to know. The important thing is that they were documenting it. There’s also a little kid shooting (Nash’s kid?), and Steve Nash has an apple in his mouth because that’s very much on-brand with what we know Steve Nash to be.

Here’s the video. Feel free to draw your own conclusions about what’s going on here:

It looks like Snoop is more at home under the glass while Nash prefers to launch threes with an apple in his mouth. Neither one of those is a huge surprise, but I am wondering where they are. The black gym seems like it wouldn’t be too conducive to practice or sanity, so maybe it’s Snoop’s place?

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