This Young Swansea City Fan Freaks Out Next to Wayne Rooney (Video)

swansea city

I’m guessing that if you’re from Swansea, Wales, your star sightings are few and far between. And if you’re a fan of Swansea City FC, your biggest possible sighting might just be Manchester United star Wayne Rooney. So when this little kid finds himself standing next to Rooney in the tunnel before a game, he flips out in the cutest way possible.

No, he doesn’t break down sobbing like some Eastern European Michael Jackson fan. ¬†Instead, his mouth goes slack and he just scans up and down the soccer star, taking it all in. Take a look:

It’s a shame we don’t get to see the rest of this clip. I’m hoping Wayne Rooney gave the kid a piggy back ride, or adopted him, or something. Because this kid is clearly a fan. You can’t fake that type of reaction. Especially if you’re a little kid.

Oh, and Swansea City won the match 2-1!

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