Andrew Wiggins Posterizes Argentinian Defender (Video)

andrew wiggins

Sure, we’re still about a month away from NBA training camp, but it seems like all the players are up to weird little things like good will trips to China, basketball camps, pickup games, and random international play. Here we’ve got the FIBA Americas Championship (which, yeah, I consider “random international play”), and in it we’ve got Andrew Wiggins going up and over Argentinian defender Andres Nocioni.

The quality of the video isn’t great, but it’s easy enough to get the gist of it:

Wiggins’ stock just seems to keep rising, and as good as Kevin Love is, it’s hard not to think that the T-Wolves made out like bandits, jettisoning an unhappy player for arguably the best young player in the NBA.

Sure, it’s just international play, but it’s nice to see how effortless plays like this look for Andrew Wiggins.

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