Just in Time for Week 1: The Biggest NFL Hits Ever! (Video)

Biggest NFL Hits Ever

I don’t think many football fans need any extra incentive to get fired up about the upcoming season, but just in case you haven’t found your Christmas (in September) cheer yet, this video compilation of the biggest NFL hits ever might do the trick.

This video comes to us from the Daily Snark, which I’m linking back to not so much to credit, but more to give people the opportunity to read the original post, which looks like it’s been run through an English-Chinese translator, then into Swahili, then finally back into English. Maybe it’s part of their schtick. I don’t intend to investigate further to find out.

Anyway, here’s the video of bone-crushing hits that will help get you moving today with out the help of any coffee whatsoever.

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