Texans Coach Bill O’Brien Has a Hard Knocks Swear Jar, and It’s Filling Up Fast (Pic)

texans coach bill o'brien hard knocks swear jar

If you’ve been watching the current season of HBO’s Hard Knocks, then you know Houston Texans coach Bill O’Brien has a fondness for colorful language…by which I mean the guy drops f-bombs left and right.

This really shouldn’t come as much of a shock. O’Brien is a professional football coach, not a kindergarten teacher. He’s supposed to be a foul-mouthed hard-ass.

That said, O’Brien does seem to swear more than the average football player or coach. So O’Brien has set up a Hard Knocks swear jar with all proceeds going to charity. That’s $2 per f-word, $1 per s-word, $.75 per mention of genitalia, $.50 per a-word, and $.25 per hell, damn, or piss.

Fortunately, the good folks at CBS Houston are recording every last swear word, while the folks at SportsRadio 610 were kind enough to use that data and put together a helpful infographic.

Take a look:

bill o'brien swear jar filling up

Of course, $236.75 is not very much for an entire football team. But that was just through episode three. If everyone goes full Samuel L. Jackson this week, that number could grow exponentially.

Hat Tip – [The Sporting News]

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