Boston TV Host on Roger Goodell: “Hire someone to murder him” (*Update*)


Yes. Roger Goodell is hated many places in America, but probably hated that much more by Patriots fans for obvious reasons. The ‘DeflateGate’ situation for one doesn’t help.

One TV host in Boston is sick and tired of it and has his own solution to get rid of Mr. Roger Goodell. Take a look…

“HIRE SOMEONE TO MURDER HIM” Suspended and/or fired coming soon. Wait for it.


Kirk Minihane, who made the “murder Goodell” comment, has announced that he is no longer with Comcast.

Apparently, it was his call, and he simply got sick of the situation—after being held off the air since making the comment nearly two months ago. He issued the following statement on Twitter, sarcastically thanking a few fellow members of the media:

Why is Minihane mad at Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post? Because he feels like he was targeted by Hubbuch’s Tweet and video of the incident, which edited out the part where Minihane said he was joking, and included the comment, “Holy crap, Boston TV host says ON THE AIR that Roger Goodell should be murdered. Yes, murdered.”

In case you wanted to see it, here’s the unedited version of what Kirk Minihane said on live television that day, including the part where he mentions that he’s joking:


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