Check Out This Spin Move By Cam Newton’s Brother, Caylin (Video)

Cam Newton's brother spin move

While Cam Newton‘s brother, Caylin Newton, currently doesn’t have any offers from colleges as a high school junior, it looks like he’s doing everything in his power to change that. The starting quarterback at Atlanta Grady High was named MVP of his first game as he threw for three touchdowns and ran for one more in a 40-13 win over Washington…

Oh, and there was this spin move as well:

Caylin is coming in at 5’11”, 175 pounds, hardly a huge build for a quarterback, but a decent enough frame to build on for a college squad. Here’s a quick video of Caylin working out:

Well, Cam Newton’s brother has got two full seasons left, so it’s not like this is the 11th hour or anything, and a few more games like this (and some more spin moves as well) will put him on lots of scouts’ radars.

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