Indi Cowie Is the First Woman to Complete a 3-Revolution Kick (Video)

Indi Cowie

If that sentence doesn’t make any sense to you, that’s ok. I didn’t know what a 3-revolution kick was before I read about this either. Let’s explain that so we can all understand why what Indi Cowie did was so impressive.

Essentially, it’s a foot-skill trick in which you take your foot all the way around the ball (the way the earth revolves around the sun) three times while the ball is airborne. Is it practical for actual soccer play? I can’t imagine it is, unless you’re playing with the Hot Sauce of soccer. But it’s REALLY cool-looking.

Take a look at Indi Cowie as she becomes the first woman to nail this trick…that we know of.

So honored to be the first female in history to land a three revolution trick! #soccer #football #futbol #futbolsport #team433 #teamfk #soccergirl #soccerbible #soccerdotcom #soccer_nation #girlpower #INDIvidual #nike #patw

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Pretty sweet, right?

It’s fitting that Indi Cowie, a soccer freestyler, nailed this trick. She’s been working on it for a LONG time, as you could probably guess.

I wonder what she has in store for us now that she’s put this move to bed?

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